This site contains general information on pump fundamentals including the
design, application, manufacture, assembly, testing, installation, operation,
maintenance, servicing, trouble-shooting, hydraulic re-rate, and upgrade of
industrial centrifugal pumps.

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Concepts include basic concepts such as affinity laws, cavitation, critical
speed, efficiency, head, horsepower, hydraulic thrust, leakage,  minimum
flow, NPSH, recirculation, resonance, pump specific speed, temperature,
torque, velocity, vibration, viscosity, etc.

Parts include components such as barrel, baseplate, bearing, bearing
housing, bushing, casing, coupling, cover, flange, gasket, gland, impeller,
key, mechanical seal, motor, nozzle, orifice, packing ring, piping, shaft,
sleeve, strainer, volute, wear ring, etc.

Auxiliaries include items that are not integral parts of pumps but are used in
pumping system or installation, such as motor, hydraulic power recovery
turbine, lubrication system, foundation, sump and sump design, etc.

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Clockwise from top: (1) multistage pump rotor (2) double suction impeller
with full center shroud (3) sleeve bearing (4) single suction radial impeller.

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Multistage pump rotor
Double suction impeller with full center shroud
Single suction radial impeller
Sleeve (journal) bearing