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CENTRIFUGALPUMP.ORG (CPO) is an independent site dedicated to provide
information and discussions on various aspects of industrial centrifugal pumps.
Our mission is to help students, educators, employees, and business people
become more knowledgeable and better prepared in their pursuit of education,
employment, career, or business opportunities in pump-related fields. Our site is
moderated by people who have many years of experience dealing with pumps in
various capacities.

CPO is not affiliated with any sector, user group, manufacturer, or supplier, to
maintain neutrality in our information. Among our sources of information are:

  • books, journals, technical articles, product literatures, and catalogues
  • symposiums, trainings, seminars, conferences, and workshops
  • interviews and discussions with people who deal with pumps
  • additional information, feedbacks, and comments from our readers

At CENTRIFUGALPUMP.ORG (CPO), we strive to maintain high ethical standard.
We believe in level-playing field and abhor intellectual piracy. Our policy is to
exclude information that we consider proprietary, trade secret, confidential, or
protected by copyrights and trademarks.

At CPO, we encourage the open discussions of issues involving pumps and
related systems for the collective benefit of all. Join us in this endeavor by
participating in our discussions, or by contributing to our expanding library of
technical information.

Our motto is: "Make it simple."

Editors and moderators:

Jim Carver
Ivy Chua
Mohan Gokar
Dave Herrington
Ken Langstorff
Benny Pabalan
Gerry Zimmer

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