Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the mission of CENTRIFUGAL-PUMP.ORG (CPO)?

The mission of CPO is to provide a source of general information on various
aspects of centrifugal pumps. Our ultimate goal is to grow CPO into a global
portal of technical information on industrial centrifugal pumps.

How does CPO hope to achieve its mission?

CPO has a vast library of articles and information on centrifugal pumps from
various sources. We are in the process of mining and organizing them into an
easy to understand format to make them into interesting readings to those who
want to learn more about centrifugal pumps.

How is CPO different from other pump web sites?

CPO is an independent site and is not affiliated with any commercial business or
association involved, directly or indirectly, in the marketing and sale of any pumps
or their accessories. We do not promote any specific brand or trademark.

How accurate and reliable are the information published by CPO?

We strongly encourage our readers to read our Terms of Use so that they will
become fully aware of the risks and uncertainties involved in using or relying on
our information.

Who are the persons behind the publication of CPO?

The publication of CPO is made possible by the  volunteer work of people who
are, or were, involved directly or indirectly in the pump, or pump-related, industry.
They do not  represent any company or organization in the industry to ensure that
their works are done independently and without commercial bias. As a matter of
policy we do not publish articles or information that are copyrighted except those
portions that are legally permissible under the "fair-use" principle in the course of
writing an evaluation or analysis on a subject of interest.

Who finance the operations of CPO?

CPO is financially supported solely through ads in its website. The inclusion of the
ads does not constitute an endorsement by CPO of the products or services
promoted in the ads. Any questions you might have about those ads should be
directed to the company initiating the ads.

Does CPO provide compensation for any contributions - articles, photos, test
curves, or any document – provided by any of its readers?

No, CPO does not provide compensation for any contributed articles but, if
requested, will collaborate on exchanging information that may be of special
interest to the contributors.

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