Designing Steel-Reinforced Concrete Foundation

Designing steel-reinforced concrete foundation based on total weight of the pump
and driver assembly alone can cause problems that are difficult to fix in case of
error especially in low speed pumps (below * RPM) combined with light motor
frame. In this range it is possible to experience resonance with the underlying soil
that will amplify vibrations to unacceptable levels.

Some general guidelines for designing steel-reinforced concrete foundation for
pumps with rated driver =< * HP and RPM > *:

  • Minimum thickness: greater of * FT + length of frame / *, or frame width / *

  • Minimum weight:  * x frame weight

  • Minimum width: *  x  [thickness of material + height from top of material to
    shaft centerline]

  • Total weight (in pounds) of foundation, pump, coupling, driver, and piping
    loads divided by length and width of foundation (in feet) should be less
    than *.

  • The foundation lateral center of gravity should coincide with that of all the
    equipment and piping loads to within * %, and the longitudinal center of
    gravity to within * %.

  • The underlying soil should be well compacted, below freeze depth, firm
    and free of all organics, loose sand, and significant water content.

  • The concrete should be a "well reinforced birdcage pattern" and placed in
    one "pour".

  • Use only "non-shrink" grout between top of material and base of

  • Use J type anchor bolts.

  • Provide * " wide expansion gap filled with elastic material around the
    foundation when in contact with surrounding pavements and floors.

These guidelines are general in nature; other factors must be considered in the
proper design of the foundation, including compliance with industry standards,
and government-mandated regulations.

[ * ] Some information are excluded in this article.
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