Glossary C1

Cantilevered pump  - a pump whose impeller is cantilevered from its bearing
assembly, or a pump with only one bearing housing assembly as opposed to a
"between-bearing" pump which has two bearing housing assemblies mounted
on opposite sides of the pump casing. A cantilevered pump, which typically is also
a radial split pump, can be either a horizontal or a vertical pump. It is also known
overhung pump.

Cartridge seal - A self contained mechanical seal assembly, including the seal,
sleeve, gland, mating ring, etc., that is pre-assembled and preset for installation
as a unit.

Case  - the pressure-containment part  of a pump that has the volute (or diffuser)
chamber that encloses the impeller, or impellers. The case can be axial or radial
split. For radial split case, a cover is required to complete the pump casing.

Case crowning - refers to the method or style of machining the horizontal split-line
surface of the upper half case of a horizontal pump with a very small angle, or
taper. The purpose of case crowning is to transfer a higher amount of the bolt load
towards the case bore to pinch the case gasket and prevent washout especially
around the volute areas.

Case retiring thickness - the minimum thickness in which a pump casing has to
be replaced, or
retired, due to loss of metal thickness caused by erosion or
corrosion over a period of time.

Certified material test report (CMTR)

Close-coupled pump - a pump whose impeller is mounted directly on the driver
shaft. The driver is designed with a special extended shaft to accommodate the
impeller. Close-coupled pumps are popular for its small footprint and light weight  
but are limited in sizes. See
flexible-coupled pump.

Closed impeller - an impeller with two shrouds or disks – on front and back side -
which enclosed the vanes; also referred to as enclosed impeller.

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