Glossary C2

Contact angle - When referring to ball bearings, the contact angle is the angle
between the line of action of the ball load and the plane perpendicular to the
bearing axis.

Corebox - Pattern makers and foundry people make a distinction between the
outer portion and the inner portion of a casting. The “pattern” that defines the outer
or external portion of a casting is referred to as a
pattern, and the “pattern” that
defines its inner portion is referred to as a
corebox. Read more.

Cover - the part of the pump that is required to complete the case of a radial split

Critical speed - the rotating speed at which resonance occurs with the natural
frequency of a rotor, or rotating assembly. The natural frequency of a rotor is the
frequency at which it will develop its highest vibration; it is affected by the stiffness,
or spring constant, and the weight, or mass, of the rotor. A pump should not run at,
or close to, its critical speed because it will result in excessive and damaging
vibration. See
dry critical speed, and wet critical speed.

Cutwater - an imaginary circle drawn from the shaft centerline and tangent to the
tip of the volute lip/s.

Cutwater diameter - the diameter of a cutwater, or the diameter of a circle tangent
to the volute lip/s and whose center is at the shaft centerline. The cutwater
diameter is used in calculating the pump's B-gap.

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