Glossary E

Eccentric - not having the same center; not concentric, such as an eccentric pipe
reducer, or an eccentric pump suction nozzle

Eccentricity (shaft) - The variation of a shaft surface at its outer diameter (OD)
when referenced to its true geometric centerline; a measure of a shaft's out-of-

Eddy current - the electrical current that is generated in a conductive material
when such material intercepts the electromagnetic field, example, in a proximity

Efficiency - the ratio of output horsepower over input horsepower of a machinery.

Elasticity - the property of a material that allows it to change its shape in direct
response to an applied force, and its ability to restore its original shape when the
force is removed; the state of being elastic or flexible.

Elastomer - an elastic material , or substance, either occurring naturally, or
synthetically produced.

Electrical runout - A source of error on the output signal of a proximity probe
(transducer) which repeats with each shaft revolution.

Enamel-lined - the characteristic of a wetted surface of being coated with enamel,
or some form of enamelling material, to obtain a smoother surface finish to help
improve the pump efficiency, or a harder surface finish to make it more resistant to

End-suction pump - a pump whose suction nozzle is parallel and adjacent to the
non-drive end (NDE) of its shaft. The liquid enters the suction nozzle and feeds
straight into the impeller eye. See
top suction pump.

End-user - the ultimate user of an equipment, as opposed to a buyer, consultant,
or contractor who are representing, or acting in behalf of, the ultimate user.

Entrance suction loss - of, or pertaining to, the hydraulic losses at the suction
nozzle up to the entrance of the (first stage) impeller of a pump. The entrance
suction losses affect the NPSHR. (Also referred to as
suction entrance loss.)

Eye peripheral speed -

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