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Test information and procedures



A cavitation resistant casting alloy for pumps – status after ten years
commercial use (p13)
Acoustic resonance phenomena in high energy variable speed centrifugal pumps
Advance concepts in pipeline pumping (8p)
Air model testing to determine entrance flow fields
Alternate to standard friction factor equation  (4p)
A method for estimating the net positive suction head required by centrifugal
pumps  (8p)
Analysis and testing of alternative bearing materials for application in sealless
pumps (6p)
Analysis of the thermal behavior in the sealing cavity of an overhung API process
pump (6p)
Analyze bearings without losing your marbles (2p)
A new method for computing minimum flow (27p)
An integral  balance piston for centrifugal pump impellers (13p)
Anti-friction bearing maintenance (19p)
API 610 baseplate and nozzle loading criteria (17p)
A study of cavitation and abrasive wear in irrigation pumps (5p)
A team approach to quality pump procurement and installation (7p)
A user’s engineering review of sealless pump design limitations and features
Avoiding recirculation in centrifugal pumps (5p)
Axial hydraulic thrust due to momentum change (tag: axial thrust, 1p)
Axial thrust in semi-open impeller (tag: axial thrust, (7p)

Bearings and lubrication (6p)
Benfield solution pumps (tag: carbonate solution, 13p)
Boiler circulation pumps for conventional power plants (13p)
Boiler feed system design parameters – effect on pump life (8p)
Boundary layer growth in vaneless diffusers (tag: diffusers, 12p)

Case history of carbonate solution pumping problems (7p)
Case stiffness test for process type pumps (9p)
Cause and effect of recirculation in centrifugal pumps (5p)
Cavitation affects on pump thrust leading to bearing failures (19p)
Cavitation damage in boiler  feed pumps (47p)
Centrifugal compressor and pump stability, stall and surge
Centrifugal pump clinic
Centrifugal pumps in coal slurry service – feasibility study (35p)
Centrifugal pumps used as turbine (tag: hydraulic turbine, 2p)
Changes in hydraulic component geometries greatly increased power plant
availability and reduced maintenance cost
Changes in pump vibration levels caused by the misalignment of different style
couplings (8p)
CMA/STLE pump seal mass emissions study (6p)
CO2: properties and handling with safety (5p)
Compression packing for modern fluid sealing (1p)
Computational fluid dynamical analysis of complex internal flows in centrifugal
pumps (12p)
Control of solid particle erosion on blades for steam turbines
Critical speed in centrifugal pumps (tag: critical speed, 10p)

Design and development of gas lubricated seals for pumps (5p)
Design charts for optimum bearing configurations: the full journal bearing (4p)
Detection of inception of cavitation or damaging recirculation in centrifugal pumps
Determination of pump rotor critical speeds during operation through use of
modal analysis (tag: critical speed, 4p)
Development and experience with a new thrust bearing system for centrifugal
pumps (5p)
Development of an advanced gas turbine driven high-speed centrifugal pump
for injection services (12p)
Diagnosis of cavitation in centrifugal pumps (p6)
Diffusers of multistage pumps (tag: diffusers, 5p)
Diffusion alloys provide new materials for steam turbines
Does impeller affect NPSHR?
Dual containment shells – added safety for magnetically driven pumps (12p)

Efficiency prediction method for centrifugal pumps
Efficient multiphase pump station for onshore application and prospects for
offshore application (6p)
Elimination of cavitation-related instabilities and damage in high-energy pump
impellers (17p)
Evaluating the mechanical design of end suction centrifugal pumps (16p+36p

Experimental determination of the reverse flow onset in a centrifugal impeller

Feasibility of using large vertical pumps as turbines for small scale hydropower
Fit the pump to the job (5p)
Flexible inducer pumps can have wide operating range (5p)
Flow regimes in curved subsonic diffusers (15p)

Get key clues to pump condition from analysis of impact testing
Guide to fluid-film journal bearings (2p)

High pressure waterflood halts rapid decline (7p)
High speed design enhances pump performance
High speed pump reliability and development for offshore water duty (5p)
Horizontal process pump modification to comply with API 610 forces and moments
How to avoid building problems into pumping systems (12p)
Hydraulic power recovery systems (5p)

Impact of solid particle erosion on maintenance cost
Improvement of a high temperature bellows seal (10p)
Improvement of pump reliability through better design and specification (13p)
Improving pump efficiencies (tag: efficiency, 21p)
Influence of volute surface roughness on the performance of a centrifugal pump
Introduction to rotordynamics of pumps without fluid forces

Liquid ring vacuum pump for water systems (2p)

Maintenance and troubleshooting of single stage pumps
Measurement and prediction of full scale annular seal coefficients (13p)
Measurements on the volute casing of a centrifugal pump (4p)
Modern design of boiler feed pumps for large thermal power stations (18p)
Monitoring sealess pumps for metal-to-metal contact of the internal rotor (9p)
Multistage centrifugal water injection pumps  - pump selection, mechanical
design and application (9p)

Net positive suction head for boiler feed pumps
NPSHR explained (1p)

Oil mist lubrication for the petrochemical industry (8p)
Operation of the tailing system and characteristics of the tailing structure
Optimum design of hydrodynamic journal bearings (9p)
O-ring pump hydrotest (tag: barrel pump, 6p)

Performance of high pressure single stage centrifugal pumps (5p)
Positive displacement pumps – performance and application (4p)
Predicting and improving the dynamic behavior of multistage high performance
Pressure dam bearing design for optimum turbomachinery stability (7p)
Proving equipment for high performance mechanical seals (6p)
Pump specifications that improve mechanical seal performance
Pump vibration analysis for the amateur
Pumping solid-liquid mixture

Reducing acoustic emissions
Reliability improvements to a high pressure, high temperature, thirteen stage
charge pump (8p)
Rotating equipment pump reliability upgrading project (6p)

Sealless centrifugal pumps (5p)
Selection and design guidelines for carbonate service (3p)
Selection strategy for mechanical shaft seals in petrochemical plants
Single phase balancing (23p)
Solution to cavitation induced vibration problems in crude oil pipeline pumps  (7p)
Solving pulsation induced vibration problems in centrifugal pumps
Some selected references on the selection and use of sludge/slurry pumps
for handling fine slurries (13p)
Study of pump pulsation, surge, and vibration throws light on reliability vs.  
efficiency (4p)
Suction pressure requirements of boiler feed pumps
Sundyne high speed centrifugal pump (29p)
Supplier quality improvement process  (7p)

Tandem seals for near zero hydrocarbon emissions (8p)
Techniques for eddy current reduction in magnetic drives using metallic
containment barriers (6p)
TEFLON FEP finishes (3p)
Ten ways to improve high-energy-pump performance (4p)
The application of hydraulic power recovery turbines in power plant (8p)
The development of low friction, low leakage mechanical seal using laser
technology (9p)
The development of small sewage pumps (3p)
Theoretical prediction of net positive suction head required for cavitation free
operation of centrifugal pumps (17p)
The right approach to pump intakes (22p)
The role of off-design pump operation on mechanical seal performance (12p)
Thermal test analysis of bearing frame inline pumps on high temperature service
Thermodynamics of boiler feed pumps (6p)
Tilting pad thrust bearings: rapid design aids
Transportation of tailings
Tutorial on composite pumps  (13p)

Understanding the water-turbine pump (2p)
Use dynamic absorbers to reduce vibration (5p+2p)
Use of submersible units for irrigation (5p)

Vertical diffuser type turbine, mixed flow, and axial-flow (propeller) pumps (3p)
Vibration measurements provide condition monitoring of rotating equipment (7p)
Visual studies of cavitation in pumping machinery (8p)
Volute insert technology reduces operating costs (2p)

Watch out for resonance when installing pump-motor drive (4p)
What is this NPSH? (4p)

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